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Silverfish and firebrats in homes

By Jeff Vogelsang | Nov 5, 2017

Identification A full grown silverfish or firebrat is about ¼-½ inch long. Both insects lack wings and have carrot-shaped bodies, thick at the front and tapering towards the posterior. The young look identical to the adults, but are smaller. Silverfish and firebrats have two long antennae on their heads and three tail-like appendages on the…

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Facts about Crickets

By Jeff Vogelsang | Oct 30, 2017

Are crickets keeping you up at night? Learn the facts about these household invaders! Crickets are a group of insects related to grasshoppers and katydids. You can identify them from their long antennae (as long as their body or longer) and their large back legs, which they use for jumping or hopping. Adult females have…

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Winter Pest Problems: What should you expect?

By Jeff Vogelsang | Oct 25, 2017

Summer pests are often the first thing on people’s minds when they think of issues they experience year round. But do not think that all pests will leave you and your household alone once the cold comes. Many pests find your warm home a haven against the elements. Beware the following creatures once the weather…

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Mouse in Your House?

By Jeff Vogelsang | Sep 21, 2017

Many people think they will never encounter mice in their own homes, and yet families across the country are living with rodents every day. There are signs of mice that you may not be aware of. If you stay alert and are proactive, then your chances of letting these mice stay in your home for…

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Is it a Mole or a Vole?

By Jeff Vogelsang | Aug 7, 2017

Many yards suffer from damage due to one of these creatures, but which one is in your yard? They are often mistaken to be the same animal which couldn’t be less true. Though they both can cause harm, the signs and trap techniques for each animal is vastly different. What to Look For When trying…

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honey bee

Five Ways to Help Save the Bees

By Jeff Vogelsang | Jul 10, 2017

Honeybees are in danger and need our help. Keep in mind, these are not the bees you should fear being stung by. They are the ones that help make our world go round. Here are a few quick tips on how to keep their populations alive. Helping them survive will keep our Earth happy and…

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pest free bbq

Preparing for a Pest Free Summer

By Jeff Vogelsang | Jun 7, 2017

Do you love to entertain and explore during the summer? Are your block parties swarmed by unwanted bugs? Do not let pesky pests stop you or your family from having the best summer yet. From the neighborhood pool to your own backyard, there are steps you can take to achieve a bug-free outdoor adventure. Time…

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dog fleas

How to Keep Fleas Off of Your Dog

By Jeff Vogelsang | May 18, 2017

There are many products you can buy that will help your dog live a flea-free life. There are also many natural remedies you can try with basic household items. Some flea prevention and treatments can be more effective than others depending on where you live and our dog’s lifestyle, so keep that in mind as…

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