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Winter Weather Pest To Beware Of

By Jeff Vogelsang | Jan 17, 2019

Many of us think that once the cold sets in our jobs as pest control managers within our homes are done. We think that the snow and cold wind scares all of the mice and bugs away until a warmer day comes along. This could not be farther from the truth. Here are a few…

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The Top 5 Need to Knows of Silverfish

By Jeff Vogelsang | Dec 9, 2018

1. There is a reason they are hard to catch! It is not their silver color that gives the illusion of their speed. Silverfish are very agile andare known to outrun even the speedy centipede. They are completely wingless, which means theyrely on their legs alone to help them escape from predators. They also lack…

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Are House Centipedes Dangerous?

By Jeff Vogelsang | Nov 20, 2018

  The immediate answer is no. Centipedes do not pose any threat to humans so long as you do not initiate direct contact with them. There are, however, a few good reasons to rid them from your home that are not due to their venomous bite. Keep reading for more information on centipedes and their…

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Christmas Decorating This Early?

By Jeff Vogelsang | Oct 23, 2018

  Getting in the holiday spirit a little early this year? You are in good company as businesses and stores begin stocking the shelves with holiday decorations galore beginning earlier each year. From large light displays of reindeer and snowmen to classic strings of multi-colored lights, there are endless combinations for exterior home decorations. Maybe…

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Avoid the Sting of Wasps This Autumn

By Jeff Vogelsang | Sep 13, 2018

Wasps are known to be pretty aggressive flying predators this time of year.  It is crucial that we learn how to avoid them. While we may think wasps are only out to get us, the truth is that wasps are the natural predators of other insects like flies and caterpillars or even spiders. This means…

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What You Need to Know About Crickets

By Jeff Vogelsang | Aug 20, 2018

They are the noisy neighbors you never signed up for! Those hopping pests that may enter your home or tear through your garden are known as crickets! Crickets are often mistaken for the infamous grasshopper. There are a few distinguishing features to differentiate between the two.  However, this guide will help you learn the ins…

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Yellow Jackets 101

By Jeff Vogelsang | Jul 12, 2018

What really are Yellow Jackets? Contrary to popular belief, Yellow Jackets are not bees! They may have a color resemblance to the pollinating insects, but they are actually a type of wasp. Many people tend to confuse the two and this can give bees quite the bad reputation.  Yellow jackets have a much more hostile…

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This is Not a Lady Bug!

By Jeff Vogelsang | Jun 15, 2018

How you can Identify Japanese Beetles These are pests that you certainly do not want to misidentify or under-estimate. They have a very distinct look with their green-blue heads and bright copper backs. Their bodies are typically between 1 to 2 inches in length and they have tanned wings. Their lives begin in your lawn…

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By Jeff Vogelsang | May 11, 2018

  May is the annual Lyme Disease Awareness Month! This means that everyone has the opportunity to learn more about the harmful disease and what they can do to prevent ever catching it. Lyme Disease is a serious illness that can affect anyone and everyone you know. The more knowledgeable you are about it the…

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