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Beware of the Brown Recluse

By Jeff Vogelsang | Aug 13, 2019

Description The first step in any battle is getting to know your enemy. In this case, that enemy is a spider known as the brown recluse. These creatures are aptly named as they often live in solitude, lurking around in dark corners and hiding spots. Like many spiders, they prefer not to be found and…

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Tick Tips and Tricks

By Jeff Vogelsang | Jul 12, 2019

Tick Bite Avoidance While ticks can be found around the country at all times of the year, they are most commonly active during the warmer months. This means that you will need to be extra cautious from April to September.To avoid these pests, you first need to know where ticks can be found. Ticks are…

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Keep Mosquitos Away

By Jeff Vogelsang | Jun 24, 2019

Love to spend time outside with your friends and family, but don’t like dealing with the mosquitos.  Here are some ideas to help you get back outside and make memories.  Here is how you can prevent the insects from spoiling your time outdoors. Use a mosquito control. You can contact us and we will spray…

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Avoid Memorial Day Mishaps

By Jeff Vogelsang | May 24, 2019

Everyone loves Memorial Day! Fun in the sun, good food, and lots of outdoor activities are all anyone has planned. However, no one wants that fun to be interrupted by flying pests. This year you can plan ahead and prevent these flies from ruining your picnic or backyard hangout. There is no reason that you…

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Mosquito Season Is Back

By Jeff Vogelsang | Apr 22, 2019

With April well underway, we are in the beginning of mosquito season here in the Midwest. The winter weather has left and with the sunshine comes the flying pests we all have come to know and detest. Here are a few facts about mosquitoes you may not be aware of to help you prepare for…

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Start Your Spring off Right

By Jeff Vogelsang | Mar 16, 2019

There are many pests that rear their heads during the springtime. They come rain or shine into your home and invade your lawns. Today, we will highlight three of the major menaces that pose a threat to your home and your health. So, make sure to watch out for these pests this spring as you…

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Winter Weather Pest To Beware Of

By Jeff Vogelsang | Jan 17, 2019

Many of us think that once the cold sets in our jobs as pest control managers within our homes are done. We think that the snow and cold wind scares all of the mice and bugs away until a warmer day comes along. This could not be farther from the truth. Here are a few…

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The Top 5 Need to Knows of Silverfish

By Jeff Vogelsang | Dec 9, 2018

1. There is a reason they are hard to catch! It is not their silver color that gives the illusion of their speed. Silverfish are very agile andare known to outrun even the speedy centipede. They are completely wingless, which means theyrely on their legs alone to help them escape from predators. They also lack…

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Are House Centipedes Dangerous?

By Jeff Vogelsang | Nov 20, 2018

  The immediate answer is no. Centipedes do not pose any threat to humans so long as you do not initiate direct contact with them. There are, however, a few good reasons to rid them from your home that are not due to their venomous bite. Keep reading for more information on centipedes and their…

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