Everyone loves Memorial Day! Fun in the sun, good food, and lots of outdoor activities are all anyone has planned. However, no one wants that fun to be interrupted by flying pests. This year you can plan ahead and prevent these flies from ruining your picnic or backyard hangout. There is no reason that you and your loved ones cannot have a weekend full of
memories and free from bug bites. Don’t spend the weekend swatting flies. Use these tips to make your Memorial Day one to remember.

Cut the Grass

Believe it or not, trimming your grass can have benefits beyond the look of a well-kept lawn. All plants are friends and can be possible home for unwanted pests. Maintaining a well-trimmed yard can eliminate possible homes and breeding grounds for pests that could enter your home or disrupt your Memorial weekend plans.

  • Cut long grass around your home.
  • Trim foliage and other plants such as bushes or tree limbs near your home.
  • Remove all weeds and unwanted garden plants.

Stay Dry

Insects of all kinds choose bodies of water to breed and lay their eggs. Removing all access to water points can reduce the risk of large insect populations from invading your yard and putting a damper on the festivities. Water in direct sunlight or in the shade alike can both attract these pests.

  • Make sure to cover all pools, hot tubs, or other large bodies of water that are not in use.
  • Remove all trash bags or trash that may be collecting water.
  • Drain all excess water from clogged gutters and lingering puddles.
  • Check all sheds and garages for possible standing water puddles or leaks.

Plan Ahead

The best tip of all is to think ahead in every part of your day. There are prime times of the day that bugs like to make an appearance. There are also a few essentials that you can bring to help ensure a bug-free environment for all outdoor hangouts. Food and drinks are a large part of Memorial Day, so take a few precautionary steps to make sure you aren’t sharing those treats with unwanted visitors.

  • Bring all food out only when you will be eating and make sure it remains cover when you do.
  • Make sure to put lights away from guests as the light can attract bugs at night.
  • Schedule your day around the prime times of dusk and dawn as this is when bugs are typically the most active.