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Pest Control Management for your Home and Business


After a thorough inspection, your Vogelsang Pest Management technician will present a customized plan on how best to treat your family’s home or business. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have specialized pest control services and treatment plans for quarterly pest control, specialty pest control, wildlife control, and commercial pest control for your business. 



Vogelsang Pest Management provides our customers with an accurate and, best of all, free price quote. As a policy Vogelsang Pest Control will start with a General Cleanout and then, if requested, we can continue on-going services to maintain efficient pest control year-round.

 We do recommend at least a quarterly spray to keep pests out of your home. 



Your skilled Vogelsang Pest Management technician can provide pest control service to all types of commercial facilities. We use the industry’s best technology to solve pest control problems within a corporate office building, as well as food-handling establishments. Get rid of ants, fleas, moles…

    Vogelsang Pest Management can take control of raccoons, ticks, termites, wasps, mosquitos & any other pest or critter you are having problems with at your office! Along with providing a professional service, our recommendations will be offered to your staff for sanitation practices to aid in long-term control measures.



Should occasional invaders — such as squirrels, birds, or raccoons — decide to try to make your home their home, we have a solution that will allow you to take sole procession of your structure once again. The cuteness of these creatures disappears very quickly, once they find a means to get in and begin to cause havoc in your attic or walls.